Sample Swatch 2023

2 Book / Set

Swatch book contains swatches for the following colors: 

KKVINYL Red Book  


Mirror Chrome Vinyl 10 Colors
Rainbow Chome Vinyl 6 Colors
Holographic Chrome Vinyl 3 Colors
Satin Chrome Vinyl 9 Colors
Gloss Vinyl 18 Colors
Matte Vinyl 12 Colors
Gloss Metallic Vinyl 22 Colors
Matte Metallic Vinyl 20 Colors
Chamleon Candy Vinyl 15 Colors
Chameleon Fluorescent Vinyl 12 Colors
Carbon Vinyl 7 Colors
Satin Glitter Vinyl 8 Colors
Brushed Vinyl 3 Colors

KKVINYL White Book 


Chameleon Ghost Vinyl 15 Colors
Gloss Aluminum Vinyl 4 Colors
Sparkling White 9 Colors
Chameleon Metallic Vinyl 6 Colors
Chameleon Galaxy Vinyl 13 Colors
Pearl Diamond Vinyl 10 Colors
Metallic Vinyl 6 Colors
Glitter Vinyl 11 Colors
Gloss Pearl Vinyl 5 Colors
Texture Vinyl 11 Colors

⚠️For new customers, we advise to purchase the bundle pack including our swatch book and A4 size color samples. The swatch book will have all our current existing colors that are publicly available, while the A4 size color samples will show the finish of our film more accurately.


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