HyperPro Colored PPF Sample Swatch 2023



Swatch book contains swatches for the following 50 colors: 

  • Gloss Black HGF01-P
  • Matte Black SMF02-P
  • Gloss Deep Gray HGF03-P
  • Gloss Space Gray HGF05-P
  • Gloss Red HGF09-P
  • Gloss Tiffany HGF12-P
  • Gloss Iguana Green HGF28-P
  • Gloss Baby Blue HGF29-P
  • Gloss Kelly Green HGF30-P
  • Glosss Retro Deep Green HGF31-P
  • Gloss Light Space Gray HGF34-P
  • Gloss Gray HGF39-P
  • Gloss Grass Green HGF40-P
  • Gloss Desert Yellow HGF46-P
  • Gloss Strawberry Red HGF48-P
  • Gloss Sand Yellow HGF51-P
  • Gloss Ruby Star HGF61-P
  • Gloss Light Blue HGF69-P
  • Gloss Tomato Red HGF71-P
  • Gloss Aluminum GT Silver GAF09-P
  • Gloss Aluminum Dark Red GAF13-P
  • Gloss Aluminum Shadow Blue GAF15-P
  • Gloss Aluminum Cool Gray GAF36-P
  • Gloss Aluminum Gray Blue GAF38-P
  • Gloss Aluminum Green GAF39-P
  • Gloss Aluminum Peacock Blue GAF40-P
  • Chameleon Fluorescent Deep Orange GSF11-P
  • Glossy Metallic Emerald HGM21-P
  • Glossy Metallic Purple HGM22-P
  • Gloss Metallic Frozen Berry HGM33-P
  • Glossy Metallic Bright Red HGM34-P
  • Gloss Metallic Midnight Purple HGM42-P
  • Gloss Metallic Dark Emerald HGM43-P
  • Glossy Metallic Champagne Gold HGM52-P
  • Gloss Metallic Baby Blue HGM67-P
  • Gloss Metallic Blue HGM68-P
  • Gloss Metallic Spring Green HGM69-P
  • Gloss Metallic Dark Gray HGM70-P
  • Gloss Metallic Deep Blue HGM72-P
  • Gloss Metallic Champagne Pink HGM73-P
  • Chameleon Candy Gray/Purple CGM07-P
  • Chameleon Aurora Purple CGM08-P
  • Chameleon Candy Gray Green CGM10-P
  • Pearl Spring Green GPF08-P
  • Gloss Chameleom Purple/Blue/Green SC10-P
  • Gloss Metallic Black/Red CG12-P
  • Pearl Diamond Black MDF01-P
  • Pearl White SF03G-P
  • Pearl Sparkling White / Gold CWF07-P
  • 6D Carbon Black 6D01B-P 
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