Something you need to learn about Chrome vinyl wrap is here ready for you

As all we know, the property of chrome film is very specific. Unlike other finishes, chrome is not self-heal, handling defects (creases, fingers etc…) will not heal with heat, they are permanent.

Therefore, there are certain requirements of skills for the wrappers and the installation of chrome requires extra attention.

In this articles, we have summarize some of the details that deserve special attention during the installation process as well as some installation tips.

On no account should we neglect the preparatory work before installation.

-Make sure the surface of the car is clean and tidy

prepare the surface area and all edges which are to be wrapped, make sure the surface is free from wax, grime, dirt particles and surface contaminants.

-Remove the back paper with gentle

when removing backing paper, be extremely gentle as this is usually where mistakes happen which will lead to permanent crease marks in the chrome. Roll off the backing paper evenly to ensure that the film is not being damaged and to ensure that the backing paper doesn't tear.

Enter the installation stage

-Do not overstretch

Be careful not to overstretch the chrome wrap film. Once this error occurs, it may cause irreparable damage that the multi-layers get shifting , delamination and the surface effect is destroyed.

-Correct usage of squeegee

when it comes to squeegeeing, bear in mind that you should avoid holding the squeegee at a high angle, which can cause the corner to scratch the surface. make sure to squeegee low and flat so that you can get the best result.

Wet the squeegee when in use can also effectively prevent scratching the surface.

-After the film has been applied to a surface, trim off the excess.

Leave about 3-5mm of excess film to be rolled around edges, once edges are rolled,use the heat gun and your gloved finger and seal the edges with firm pressure.

Wear gloves will help protect your hand from heat and also allow your fingers to glide over chrome wrap film without friction, if you don’t wear gloves, the friction can cause the chrome wrap film to bunch up and ruin an entire surface.

In a word, Chrome installation needs practice and experience. Fully understand the characteristics of chrome, use it correctly, pay attention to details, and you will do better.

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