Diamond Encrusted vinyl wraps

Diamond Encrusted vinyl wraps

 - there are things about Diamond Encrusted you have to learn before install


The first thing you have to understand is that this gorgeous, dazzling and glitter diamond encrusted was originally designed for interior decoration only, which means that this material, this design, this diamond encrusted, diamond-like particle decoration is not going to be able to withstand the wind and rain outside.


In view of the ever-increasing aesthetic needs of the vehicle wraps industry, we as a manufacturer, in order to respond to market demand, we have improved and updated the design of this material.


About the glue, we changed the construction glue to a low adhesive glue that does not damage the paint surface of the car which is leaving absolutely no adhesive. Added an air channel which is more easier for installation as well. And we make a innovation to the original color has developed more color, so that originally for the interior can also be used to vehicle wraps.



At the beginning of the release of the color change film of the Diamond Encrusted vinyl wraps. it was added to the major auto shows and placed in the exhibition hall for display use. It must be said that this unprecedented design has really attracted a large amount of traffic for businesses at major exhibitions. Immediately afterwards, the Diamond Encrusted vinyl wraps that attracted many fans was pour into the vehicle wraps market.



Today we must be responsible and popularize some tips about the installation and maintenance of this hot commodity and the things that must be avoided.


  1. Installation

The Diamond Encrusted vinyl wraps itself is stretchable, and there is no need to use the heat gun for heating and baking during the normal installation process.

When wrapping edge, if need,it depends, can use heat gun to assist it appropriately.


  1. Maintenance

Diamond Encrusted vinyl wraps can not be washed with water gun, daily maintenance can be gently wiped with a rag to remove dust.

Please pay attention with Remember not to wet the rag.



Due to the particularity of the material of Diamond Encrusted , must not be caught in the rain.


You don’t need to worry about the glue, since we’re using low adhesive glue so we have 5years warranty about it. After you remove it, leaving absolutely adhesive residue on the car surface.


The above is the things you have truly to learn about Diamond Encrusted vinyl wraps , I hope while you follow the design at the same time can also rationally face the particularity of the product, correct installation, careful maintenance.



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