Sample Swatch 2024

2 Book / Set

Swatch book contains swatches for the following colors: 

KKVINYL Red Book 82 Colors

Matte Nardo Gray SMF26
Matte AMG Gray SMF28
Matte Gray SMF06
Metal Gray SMF09
Matte Khaki Green SMF05
Matte Army Green SMF04
Matte Black SMF02
Metal Black SMF10
Frosted  Black SMF08
Satin Black SMF07
Chameleon Metallic  Purple / Brown CDF01-M
Gloss Chameleon Metallic Purple / Brown CDF02
Chameleon Metallic Purple / Red CDF02
Gloss Chameleon Metallic Purple / Red CDF04
Chameleon Metallic Purple / Blue CDF03
Gloss Chameleon Metallic Purple / Blue CDF05
Matte Metallic White MF14
Matte Metallic Gumetal Gray MF07
Matte Metallic Space Gray MF09
Matte Metallic Titanium Gray MF08
Matte Metallic Dark Gray MF01
Matte Metallic Rose Gold MF29
Matte Metallic Red MF16
Matte Metallic Kelly Green MF02
Matte Metallic Brown MF15
Matte Metallic Sacramento MF24
Matte Metallic Deep blue MF19
Matte Metallic Night Blue MF12
Matte Metallic Dark Green MF17
Matte Metallic Black MF13
Satin Chrome Silver SCH06
Satin Chrome Champagne Gold SCH09
Satin Chrome Golden Yellow SCH11
Satin Chrome Orange SCH03
Satin Chrome Red SCH05
Satin Chrome Rose Red SCH04
Satin Chrome Purple SCH08
Satin Chrome Blue SCH07
Satin Chrome Gray SCH01
Gloss Vanilla Yellow HGF42
Gloss Dark Yellow HGF14
Gloss Dark Pink HGF36
Gloss Sky Blue HGF07
Gloss Amethyst HGF27
Gloss Laurel green  HGF28
Gloss Deep Gray HGF03
Gloss Black HGF01
Glossy Metallic Pink HGM17
Glossy Metallic Aqua HGM11
Glossy Metallic Golden HGM49
Glossy Metallic Brown HGM24
Glossy Metallic Bronze HGM31
Glossy Metallic Wine Red HGM19
Glossy Metallic Blueberry HGM07
Glossy Metallic Intergalactic Blue HGM06
Glossy Metallic Light Gray HGM16
Glossy Metallic Light Green HGM46
Glossy Metallic Smoke Green HGM40
Glossy Metallic Gray HGM14
Glossy Metallic Dark Gray HGM30
Glossy Metallic Eggplant HGM27
Chameleon Fluorescent Yellow GSF01
Matte Chameleon Fluorescent Yellow GSF01-M
Chameleon Fluorescent Lemon Green GSF10
Matte Chameleon Fluorescent Green GSF02-M
Chameleon Fluorescent Green GSF02
Chameleon Fluorescent Aqua GSF04
Chameleon Fluorescent Sky Blue GSF03 
Chameleon Fluorescent Orange GSF05
Chameleon Fluorescent Pink GSF09
Chameleon Fluorescent Sea Green GSF08
Satin Rainbow Chrome White RCF01-M
Rainbow Chrome White RCF01
Rainbow Chrome Blue RCF05
Rainbow Chrome Green RCF02
Brushed Steel Gray MBF02
Brushed Steel Black MBF01
Mirror Chrome Silver GCF03
Mirror Chrome Black GCF01
Holographic Chrome Silver LCF05
Satin Glitter Silver SBM01
Glitter Diamond Gold SBM09

KKVINYL White Book 82 Colors

Pearl White SF003
Gloss Sparkling White/Gold SF004
Satin Sparkling White/Gold SF004M
Satin Sparkling White/Blue SF007M
Gloss Sparkling White/Blue SF007
Gloss Sparkling White/Pink SF001
Satin Sparkling White/Pink SF005M
Satin Aurora White SF006M
Gloss Aurora White SF006
Pearl Jazz Blue GPF03
Pearl Light Green GPF02
Pearl Tiffany GPF04
Pearl Pink GPF01
Pearl Candy Pink CGM03
Satin Candy Pink CGM03-M
Satin Gray/Purple CGM01-M
Pearl Gray/Purple CGM01
Satin Aurora Gray/Gold CGM11-M
Satin Aurora Gray/Blue CGM12-M
Pearl Candy Blue CGM09
Pearl Candy Purple CGM04
Satin Galaxy White GLF02-M
Gloss Galaxy White GLF02
Satin Galaxy Silver GLF03-M
Gloss Galaxy Silver GLF03
Gloss Galaxy Tiffany GLF09
Gloss Galaxy Pink GLF07
Gloss Galaxy Blue GLF06
Gloss Galaxy Purple GLF10
Satin Galaxy Gray GLF04-M
Gloss Galaxy Gray GLF04
Gloss Galaxy Dark Gray GLF01
Gloss Galaxy Black GLF05
Pearl Diamond White MDF02
Pearl Diamond Tiffany MDF05
Pearl Diamond Yellow MDF07
Pearl Diamond Pink MDF11
Pearl Diamond Red MDF08
Pearl Diamond Blue MDF09
Pearl Diamond  Silver MDF03
Pearl Diamond Black MDF01
Glitter Gold/Orange CG03-M
Glitter Gold/Pink CG01-M
Gloss Glitter Gold/Pink CG01
Glitter Gold/Gray CG09-M
Glitter Gray /Blue CG08-M
Gloss Glitter Gray /Blue CG08
Gloss Glitter Blue/Red CG04
Gloss Glitter Green/Purple CG05
Satin Ghost Tiffany MSF22
Satin Ghost Deep Blue MSF05
Satin Martian Green/Purple MSF03-M
Gloss Martian Green/Purple MSF03
Satin Midnight Green MSF40
Satin Ghost Dark Green MSF11
Satin Shadow Green MSF42
Satin Ghost Gold/Brown MSF04
Satin Rising Sun Red/Gold MSF02
Satin Ghost Orange MSF21
Satin  Metallic Fog Gray MSF48
Satin Ghost Black/Purple MSF06
Satin Ghost Black/Blue MSF08
Satin Ghost Deep Purple MSF12
Gloss Chameleon Golden/Green SC04
Chameleon Purple/Golden/Green SC02-M
Gloss Chameleon Purple/Golden/Green SC02
Gloss Chameleon Purple/Brown/Blue SC01
Satin Metallic White SCM05
Satin Metallic Silver SCM06
Gloss Metallic Silver SCM06G
Satin Metallic Dark Gray SCM02
Satin Metallic Black SCM03
Satin Metallic Atrovirens SCM08
Satin Metallic Dark Green SCM07
Satin Metallic Brown SCM09
Satin Metallic Dark Blue SCM11
Black Forest TX03
Gray Charcoal TX06
Shadow Black TX01
Black Charcoal TX02
Black Fog Charcoal TX05
Brown Forest TX04

⚠️For new customers, we advise to purchase our swatch book The swatch book will have all our current existing colors that are publicly available.


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