Factory direct sales of goods are definitely value for money

KKVINYL has an independent, professional, and large-scale factory. The factory has four special production lines for efficient output around the clock, shortening the production cycle and ensuring sufficient inventory. Uphold high quality, high standards and high efficiency . Factory direct sales do not have any derivative costs, which makes the product price stand out. Excellent quality and competitive price make kkvinyl the best choice not to be missed in the color change film market

Obvious price advantage

Factory direct quotations are economical and reasonable, with preferential discounts, which are beneficial to customers. This can save a lot of costs for companies purchasing in bulk. One of the most important reasons why many consumers choose manufacturers is that there is no middleman to make the difference in the sales process, and buyers can buy high-quality products at lower prices.

Internationally certified high-end quality

Kkvinyl has obtained SGS certificate through international agency certification

On the road of technological development and innovation, kkvinyl has always insisted on continuous optimization to improve product performance. As always, with enthusiasm to provide better quality products for the automotive packaging industry

The styles provided are rich and varied, and there are many types of grades and specifications

Kkvinyl comprehensively compares the trend of international market demand and understands the internal needs of consumers. According to different audience groups, corresponding to the needs of customers in different countries and markets, we provide a variety of styles and categories to broaden the range of customers' choices. KKvinyl's official website will update current popular colors from time to time, keep up with market trends, provide the most innovative products, unique designs, and improve consumer satisfaction.


As an experienced manufacturer with decades of experience, Kkvinyl can accept OEM orders according to customer requirements.

Support exclusive logo, packaging box design, customized services, and product-related peripheral design and customized services.

For example: color cards, brochures, display boards, posters, etc...

For products and related promotional peripheral products, design and modify according to requirements, and try to meet the needs of buyers as much as possible.

Sound and perfect after-sales service

Reliable we are proud of the quality, improve the service system and the integrity of the network is on promises to customers.

As a manufacturer, kkvinyl has also done quite well in after-sales service. From the introduction of the details of the products in the early stage to the arrangement of delivery within 24 hours after the order is placed, until the customer receives the goods, there are any problems during or after use, as a manufacturer, we can quickly solve the problem and give feedback. For customers, it has absolute advantages and guarantees.

Provide installation skills training services

Kkvinyl provides professional installation skills training courses

The training course lasts for 5-30 days (the specific duration depends on personal level)

Professional car stickers team, experienced installers teaching guidance

Assist new entrepreneurs to improve their technology