Privacy Policy

KKVINYL is committed to protecting your information 
Technology has done incredible things to bring our world closer together and enable extraordinary innovation. As individuals, that connection helps us recognize and empathize with the state of our world. As a company, those insights fuel the innovation that enhances the quality of life in a material way.

That level of connectivity does not come without its challenges. In the rush to adopt new technology and explore what can be done with data and insights, many companies have not fully examined what they should do with this information, with whom it should be shared, and what safeguards are required to protect it.

At KKVINYL, we take pride in conducting business with honesty and integrity every day. This commitment to ethical business practices extends to the privacy and protection of the data we collect and handle about our employees, customers, suppliers and investors. Every stakeholder should feel confident that we will manage their information in accordance with the highest legal and ethical standards.

While we want to remain agile and keep up with the speed of the markets we serve, we must also stay committed to having zero incidents of unethical behavior including in the way we handle data. Together, we can build a zero-incident culture that reflects who we are as a company and reinforces the trust and confidence our stakeholders have in KKVINYL.