Which is better, a liner made of PET (Plastic) or paper?

There are several reasons why installers and consumers may choose PET backing paper instead of traditional paper backing for vinyl films:


Durability: PET backing paper offers higher durability compared to traditional paper backing. It is less prone to tearing, wrinkling, or curling, providing a more reliable and stable surface during installation.


Moisture Resistance: PET backing paper is more resistant to moisture and humidity than traditional paper. This helps prevent the backing paper from becoming weak over time, ensuring better adhesive performance and longevity of the vinyl film.


Dimensional Stability: PET backing paper has excellent dimensional stability, meaning it maintains its shape even under changing environmental conditions. This reduces the risk of warping or distorting, making the vinyl film easier to handle and apply the vinyl film accurately.


Easy Removal: PET backing paper is designed to be easily removable without leaving residues on the vinyl film. This simplifies the installation process and saves time for installers.


Enhanced Appearance: PET backing paper can have a smoother and glossier finish compared to traditional paper backing, which can lead to a visually appealing end result. This may be especially desirable for applications requiring a high-quality, professional appearance.


Recyclability: PET backing paper is recyclable, as it can be melted down and reused in the production of new PET materials. This supports sustainability efforts and reduces environmental impact.


Overall, the choice of PET backing offers improved durability, moisture resistance, dimensional stability, ease of removal, recyclability, and enhanced appearance. These advantages make PET backing a popular choice among installers and consumers in the vinyl film industry.