What is PPF (Paint protection film)?

What is invisible car coat | body transparent film?

Stealth clothing is simply car paint transparent protective film, generally referred to as: transparent film, whole vehicle rhinoceros leather, car body paint protection film, such as material is a kind of polyurethane film products, including UV resistant polymer, yellowing resistance, strong toughness, wear resistance from yellowing, easy to stick towel, impact resistance, with can make the car paint after cut off from the air, the acid rain, anti-oxidation, resistance to scratch and persistent to protect the paint of the car.


Why you have to make invisible car clothes | body transparent film?

Paint weathered, washing the car, and daily environment pollution, traffic of small stones, splash to paint scarred, valuable original car paint will gradually gone, and paint transparent protective film has stealth capabilities, in the car paint surface toughness has a transparent protection layer, comprehensive eliminate paint damage, paint the original car paint shine forever;In the traditional way of car maintenance, in order to maintain the brightness of the body, the owner often can only choose frequent car washing and waxing, little do you know that this practice has no hardness and sticky dust, easy to scratch the paint surface, accelerate oxidation corrosion, but make the car aging.At the same time, waxing can not effectively resist ultraviolet rays, it is difficult to really protect the paint surface, and the use of polishing to remove the body fine scratches, but will cause the car paint thinner and thinner, finally had to repaint, resulting in a serious devaluation of the car.


What effect does invisible car garment | body transparent film have?

Super protection: provide your car with weekend protection anytime and anywhere, like invisible bodyguards against acid rain, sand, bird manure, ULTRAVIOLET light and other damage to the paint level of the car lamp at any time.

Super wear resistance: Super toughness ensures high wear resistance, and can resist scratches, scratches and lasting wear resistance.

Super durable: more than three years warranty, long-term protection, no yellowing, no cracking, no warping.

Transparent and invisible: super light retention and excellent transparency, you can hardly notice its existence while giving perfect protection to your car.

Complete vehicle installation including headlights, perfect seamless;High ductility and unique technical advantages to ensure the realization of the whole vehicle mounting, in addition to daily car washing more casual, more assured, also maximize the protection of the original car paint, achieve perfect appearance vision.


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