How to use A4 samples for quality testing? 

Since the establishment of KKvinyl, it has attracted widespread attention from our peers and consumers, with great interest in our brand and the quality of our products.

In response to consumers request that want to try it out and listen refined their comments and suggestions, KKvinyl provides a4 size samples available for everyone to check for quality.

Most consumers gave good feedback. After personal trials, they are more satisfied with the product quality, thus maintaining a long-term stable and friendly cooperative relationship, which is also the purpose of providing samples.

But at the same time, we also received some other feedback. Some customers stated that the sample size was too small for testing and use. For reference, we provide you with tips for using A4 sample testing. 

Our customers usually choose a4 sample packaging rearview mirrors. The packaging area is small, easy to operate and time-consuming. You can feel whether the product is easy to install, whether the tensile performance is sufficient, and whether there is glue remaining after removal in the shortest time. 

All in all, after getting A4 samples, you can almost complete the entire test within ten minutes, and you will be pleasantly surprised to find that you have obtained absolutely excellent quality and reasonably priced products.

If you have better suggestions and comments, please feel free to post comments and feedback.