How to Protect Vinyl Wraps

Four easy tips that any car owner can activate that will help to protect your car wrap and keep it looking in tiptop shape.

Tip #1 – Always Follow the Manufacturers Care Recommendations

If there is a problem that many car owners, specifically, do it yourself enthusiast have, it is following directions. However, if you are going to have a wrapped vehicle it is extremely important to follow the maintenance and care recommendations provided by the manufacturer of the vinyl material.

For the most part, all vinyl that is installed on daily drivers is comprised of the same based ingredients. While there are multiple finishes, colors, and qualities of vinyl wraps, the maintenance recommendations are simple for each one.

  • Always hand wash your vehicle
  • Never use an automated car wash
  • Do not use strong chemical cleaners
  • Avoid extended exposure to the elements
  • Always use the recommended cleaning and aftercare products and techniques

Tip #2 – Be Careful Where You Park

Automotive vinyl is not hydrophobic by nature. In fact, anybody with a race car or a vehicle that burns rubber frequently, and has vinyl installed on their car can testify to what a pain in the butt it is to remove burnt rubber from the wrap. However, burnt rubber is not the only thing that will stick to a vinyl wrap.

Therefore, it is important to be careful where you park and keep your vehicle. Here are a few simple tips to consider when you have a factory installed or unprotected vinyl wrap on your vehicle:

Never park under trees: Trees have SAP, pollen, and other sticky items that will find a home on your vehicle wrap. Birds likewise spend lots of time in trees, and you can imagine what type of sticky stuff they produce that can fall and land on your beautiful vinyl wrap.

Try to keep your car in a garage: Another common source of premature wear on automotive vinyl materials is UV rays. By keeping your vehicle parked under a parking structure or in a garage specifically in daylight hours, you can significantly expand its life span.

Tip #3 – Wash Every Two Weeks

Just like any protective coating or material, routine maintenance is crucial for proper care. For a car wrap, most manufacturers recommend hand washing your vehicle every two weeks.

If you have the luxury of having a high-pressure washer, you can use it to clean your vinyl wrap. However, it is incredibly important to use low pressure settings, and the lowest volume spray nozzles to ensure you do not damage or tear the vinyl material.

Tip #4 – Beware of Chemical Cleaners and Treatment

We mentioned how important it is to use the right type of cleaners or cleaning agents with vinyl materials. There are some type of chemical cleaning agents or products that you should never use to remove stains, sticky contaminants, or other debris.

  • Solvent-based cleaner
  • Oil-based cleaner
  • Kitchen or Bathroom Cleaners
  • Citrus-based cleaners
  • Engine degreasers or high pH washes

For optimal protection, always use a pH neutral, wax-free, and high-suds producing car shampoo. If you can find a vinyl and PPF car soap, that is the perfect type of shampoo to use on non and protected vinyl wraps.

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