How to deal with air bubbles on vinyl wrapping film? 

Bubble is one of the most common situation in the process of installing vinyl wrap. If the bubble is not too serious, it can be solved with some small skills.

The following are some tips prepared by KKVINYL for you on how to deal with bubbles on the surface :

- Small bubbles are easy to solve. First squeeze them with your fingers and try to squeeze them together. then use the tip of a utility knife to poke lightly, press with your finger, the bubbles are gone.

- If the bubbles are not very much and the volume is relatively large, you can use a utility knife to cut a small cut diagonally from the side of the bubble, and then use a scraper and a baking gun to slowly flatten it. The volume is small, we can use a needle to pierce the bubble and then flatten it.

- If the number of bubbles is large , first gently lift the side where the bubbles appear, and then slowly attach them according to the regular process.

- There are also very, very tiny bubbles that can be ignored. After 1-2 days of sunlight, the air in the very tiny bubbles will overflow and volatilize from the material through the increase in temperature, because the film surface will also become flat.