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A lot of people in the first contact with the vinyl wraps film, there will always be a variety of concerns, will it fade? will it stick after tear off? what is the use of the air channel ?... Today KKVINYL introduce you to some of the most common questions that people ask about vinyl wraps film

The following are the answers to the questions about KKVINYL film materials : 

Will the vinyl wraps film fade?

Polymer vinyl wraps film material structure is divided into anti-UV layer (to prevent fast fading is also ultraviolet layer), PVC elastic memory layer (scratches, folds can be heated to recover), etc., pigment is locked layer by layer, it is not easy to fade.

Everyone is concerned about the most must be the glue, after all, good glue to ensure that the install will have a good result!To the customer's car to bring quality vehicle wraps service!

Initial viscosity: The initial viscosity of the vinyl wraps film to the paint surface.

Kkvinyl uses pressure-sensitive adhesive, which has a low initial viscosity and is easy to construct. It can be repeatedly removed and pasted without dropping glue.

Air channel: there are grooves on the back of glue and the surface of bottom paper.

The shape of good quality air channel is dense square, diamond, hexagonal, etc. Kkvinyl color modification films are all equipped with gas channels.

Why do we have to choose the vinyl wraps film with air channel?

The function of the air channel is to remove the air bubbles between the film and the car body as soon as possible to improve the adhesion

The vinyl wraps film with air channel is easy to construct and not easy to have bubbles, which saves installation time.

Why are KKVINYL prices all affordable with such good quality and design?

First,the core concept of  the brand KKVINYL is ensure the product are of high quality and reasonable price.

Secondly, KKVINYL sales model is factory direct sales, no middlemen to earn the difference, are sold directly at cost price.

As long as your are willing to try, KKVINYL’s product will definitely prove it to you excellent quality!

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